I was born and raised in Hamburg (Germany), and studied theatre directing in Amsterdam (Academy for Theatre and Dance, AHK).

I am a freelance director of devised work in mostly physical and visual theatre. Since 2022 I work as an intimacy coordinator for film and theatre, next to my directing projects.

I’m based in Amsterdam and available to work anywhere I can reach by train. I am fluent in German, Dutch and English and also understand and speak a bit of French.

Press / Articles

Art of Performing Weeks Podcast (in English)
In this podcast by de Cultuurvlogger for Theater Rotterdam, I was interviewed on Children of Happyland, 2021

Ineens is de worstelende toneelpoliticus van Zarah Bracht hoogst actueel
Article and interview on Being wrong and how to admit it, De Volkskrant, 2020

'Hoe kunnen zoveel mensen weten dat iets fout zit en er toch mee doorgaan?'
Great in-depth double interview about regret and apologies by Wouter Hillaerts for Rekto:verso, with Walter Bart of Acteurscollectief Wunderbaum and me, 2020

Wereldtheaterdag 2020
Here’s a short essay I wrote for Theater Rotterdam, for the occasion of World Theatre Day, 27th March 2020, when there really wasn’t any theatre. 

Politiek en kunst als yin en yang - over nieuw cultuurbeleid voor 2021
Essay by theatre journalist Robbert van Heuven in which I’m featured, 2017

Zarah Bracht: Onderschat Bildung niet!
Opinion piece for Theaterkrant, written down by Robbert van Heuven, 2016