Liesje Knobel


Liesje is an incredible artist and a bright thinker. Her designs give each performance its visual backbone, her brilliance (and goofiness) lights up my day and her sharp vision makes her my favourite scenographer and dramaturg in one.

Hendrik Walther 

light designer

Working together since my first graduation show in 2015, lovely Hendrik and me have built a strong artistic language together over time. We share a vision for the light design’s crucial role within our work (and also a sense of humor, which might be something Northern German).

Ata Güner 


Multi-talented, sensitive, fun, lovably chaotic, truly creative mind, dear dear Ata: It’s a joy to have him and his music accompany me on my journey since Wholesale Destruction in 2019. He’s a brilliant composer, please check out his work and work with him (but not too much!).

Bart Grietens

scene photography

Unfortunately Bart has become so sought-after that you’ll have a hard time booking him    , but fortunately we’ve been working together since his first hour in Amsterdam, and hopefully will never stop. My all-time favourite scene photographer on the planet.

Calle de Hoog  


Calle’s no-bullshit mentality enhanced our decision making process many times during our short rehearsal process for Help ik zit op slot!. She brings as many positive vibes as her colourful designs for the stage.

Nick Helderman


I want to give a shout out to Paris based photographer Nick for taking my portrait and succeeding at making me feel comfortable during the process. Also, I’m still in love with the campaign photo we’ve produced together for Children of Happyland.

Nynke Joustra & Melih Gençboyacı  

representing Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam 

Melih and Nynke are the best that could’ve happened to Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam, they are simply the best and also the best. Thanks for everything, especially for being the best!