Since early 2022 I’m actively working as one of the first intimacy coordinators in the Netherlands, in addition to my work as a director. I am very passionate about this new profession and proud to be a pioneer in it, together with my colleagues of IC NETHERLANDS. We strive to bring consensual bravery to Dutch rehearsal spaces, stages and film sets when working on depictions of intimacy.

In 2021 I co-founded the IC EUROPE network, which facilitates informal exchange between intimacy coordinators in European countries where the work is still a novelty.

I teach workshops on “uncomfortable vs unsafe working spaces in the arts”, which are always tailored to the specific needs and questions of the client.

Please reach out to me for any inquiries on the subject, I am happy to provide expert advice on whether or not to hire an intimacy professional for your project.

Intimacy what?

An intimacy coordinator is an expert for creating content for film/tv and theatre containing simulated sex, intimate actions like kissing and touching, physical or mental exposure (e.g. depictions of self-harm or childbirth), and/or (partial) nudity.

As intimacy coordinator I am an external professional whom you can call on for support in your process of creating a beautiful scene with consent of everyone involved. I bring techniques and tools that empower actors to speak up about their personal boundaries within which we then create choreography for the intimate scenes. I help open the conversation and bring clarity to the process, in order to safeguard professionalism, get everyone’s expectations aligned and enable actors to step out of their comfort zone and ultimately have fun with the challenge.

Selection of credits for THEATRE:
  • Run Quiet Dalton Jansen | Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam
  • I happen to be doing this for you Melyn Chow & Kim Zeevalk | Frascati Producties
  • Mijn Lieve Gunsteling Ivo van Hove | Internationaal Theater Amsterdam

Selection of credits for FILM & TV: 
  • Het Land der Blinden (short) Kurt Platvoet | Keplerfilm, NL
  • De Shift (TV series, ep. 8) Joram Lürsen | Lemmingfilm, NL / BE
  • Modern Love Amsterdam (ep. 2 “Hold me close”) Boudewijn Koole | NL Film for prime video