What started as a movement research at Fraslab (Frascati) on constantly switching between anecdotal images and abstract physical forms in order to engage and confuse the audience repetitively, became a full-length performance titled Change Position. To be able to work with as many clichés and readable images for the research as possible, I chose the topic of love and seduction as the central theme. Consisting of a solo, a duet and another solo, played in an arena-like 360° stage with one singular row of seats around it, Change Position is a mating ritual between two performers and involving the audience as well. One image creates the next and the piece unfolds in movement only, in an almost screensaver-like flow. By constantly alternating between stereotypical depictions of love and imaginative, more abstract portrayals of sexual attraction and seduction, the piece offers an associative journey in which the audience is invited to question and challenge their assumptions and fully dive into their own wild imaginations.

Change Position 
premiered on 23rd February 2017 at Frascati, Amsterdam


Zarah Bracht concept, direction | Anneke Sluiters & Dennis Tiecken performers | Indra Cauwels substitute performer (as seen in the scene photos) | Liesje Knobel advisor scenography, light design | Barbara de Beer technical operator

Scene photography by Bas de Brouwer
Produced by Frascati Producties

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