Help, ik zit op slot! (4+) premiered on 19th June 2021, at Maaspodium, Rotterdam.

Maas Theater en Dans gave me the opportunity to research making theatre for the youngest audience in Spring 2021, with Help, ik zit op slot! (“Help, I am locked in!”) as the result of our three weeks in the rehearsal studio: a short associative performance for children aged 4 and up.

Taking the theme of locks, keys and locked secrets, we’ve created a humoristic setting in which two handymen find a big and shiny, but unfortunately locked garbage bin. When the garbage bin makes sounds and starts playing music to them, they set their work aside and make it their objective to find a way to open this mysterious box. The deeper they dive into it, the more strange objects and sounds they discover, the more their world transforms and they with it. Like playing children they jump from one association to the next and find a new goal with each new impulse they unlock on their journey. 
Help, ik zit op slot! is a celebration of the imagination and a reminder (for the accompanying adults in the room) to approach even everyday life with curiosity.

This show is produced to fit into a small vehicle and to plug and play in kindergartens and classrooms.


Zarah Bracht concept, direction |
Mher Brutyan & Tim van Dongen
performers | Calle de Hoog scenography, costumes | Jeroen Melsen technical support, technical operator, Maas Theater en Dans | Djoeke Westdijk production manager, Maas Theater en Dans

Scene photography by Michelle Urbiztondo
Produced by Maas Theater en Dans

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