On repeat is a journey into the past, the very past. We look at history before history and even before story. In an ever shifting space we learn about the repetitive cycles of trial and error that shaped human life and helped create this strange species with its tedious habits and insatiable strive. While there’s certainly every reason to be afraid of what is about to come of this species in the future, we see how exemplary individuals have found their own strategies to cope and find a small space of joy during their short while on earth. 

On repeat seeks to invite the audience to dive into a meditative and fantastical world that reminds us to connect to the core of our most human qualities.

This production is devised and co-created with the artistic team and the cast and marks Zarah’s first work that is produced outside of the Netherlands.

On Repeat will premiere on 22nd April 2023 in Theaterhaus Jena in Germany.


Zarah Bracht direction |
Henrike Commichau, Linde Dercon, Anna K. Seidel, Paul Wellenhof 
performers | Liesje Knobel scenography | Carolin Pflüger costume desgin | Steffen Prietzsch & Maarten van Otterdijk light design | Roland Hille music | Hannah Baumann dramaturgy

Special thanks to Pina Bergemann

Produced by Theaterhaus Jena  Coproduced by Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam