Wholesale Destruction starts with the earth speaking to the human and ending their relationship, which to her has become increasingly abusive and one-sided. Unfortunately, as is often the case in the early stage of a break-up, human doesn't really get the cue, or maybe out of sheer helplessness decides to ignore earth's message altogether. In abstracted and playful scenes we see figures of our generation struggle to take action against this overwhelming crisis.

They seem to be uncomfortable and annoyed by their own apathy, yet they cannot bring themselves to do anything, and so they get swallowed alive while still discussing which measurements they should take.

Wholesale Destruction deals with the dilemma of scale and both ridicules and empathises with humans who fail to get their act together facing the global climate crisis. With this piece I want to propose that in our deepest fantasies about the apocalypse we may seek an opportunity for a fresh start and to free ourselves from the multilayered burdens of the past; and thereby open up a door to imagine a new relationship with earth.

Wholesale Destruction premiered on 17th January 2019 in Krijn Boon Studio, Theater Rotterdam.


Zarah Bracht concept, direction |
Katelijne Beukema, Rosa van Leeuwen, Tomer Pawlicki & Dennis Tiecken
performers | Liesje Knobel scenography, costumes | Hendrik Walther light design | Ata Güner composition, live music | Anne Brammen dramaturgy | Lidewij Eggels & Aram Visser technicians | Nynke Joustra production manager

Special thanks to Gerindo Kartadinata,
Lieke Marsman  & Nimuë Walraven

Poster & scene photography by Bart Grietens
Produced by Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam

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